Friday, October 31, 2014

Events: Travel Bloggers Meet at Shayan Restaurant

Travelling may have a number of different meanings for every individual. For me travelling means fun, relaxation and discovering. Discussing about my travel plans or even talking about cities and countries that I have visited around the world excites me. On the other hand, learning about experiences of others helps me learn more about cities/countries and helps me decide where I would head to on my next vacation.

What if you get a chance to meet someone who has a lot of stories to share? Someone who has been to plenty of cities and is willing to share his/her experiences with you. We all do love such people, don't we? I was presented with such an opportunity recently when I met Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe, at Shayan Restaurant. Laurence is the upcoming president of International Travel Bloggers Association.

One of the most important discussions of the night were around how one should travel. I know friends who prefer to spend about 10-15 days in one country trying to cover as much as they can. On the other hand, I prefer to cover 3-4 countries in the same time by visiting only the tourist attractions and any other places one should not miss.

When asked about which is the best way to travel, Laurence responded by saying that there isn't one. What he meant was that both ways are good. He added that it depends on every individual and their preferences.

I would agree with Laurence on this. Given that I have a full time job and get a fixed number of holidays, I prefer to travel more countries in one trip since I have to wait for an entire year for my leave. I feel a number of us face the same issue. On the other hand if I have the privilege to take more holidays during the year, I would surely prefer to spend more time in a few towns and cities within the same country.

At the end of the day, it is for us to decide how we would want to spend our vacation away from home. What is important is that you do travel and enjoy your vacation. A holiday should not be stressful, a holiday should be fun.

It was a fun night with some delicious food from Shayan Restaurant. The following is the menu of food served:

Kashk E Bademjan - fried eggplant mixed with special aged curd, season with traditional spices.
Mirza Ghasemi – grilled eggplant mixed with fried egg and tomato
Salad Shirazi -  Traditional Salad, mixed with cucumber, onion, virgin olive oil and lime juice
Iranian Bread

Gheymeh Bademjan – Lamb stew prepared with lentils, tomatoes and fried eggplant

Grill Platter
Joojeh Kabab Bedone  Ostokhan – Skewer of marinated chicken on the bone with saffron sauce
Tikke Masti – Cuts of beef tenderloin marinated with yoghurt, saffron and persian spices
Chelo Kabab Kubideh – Skewers of minced lamb, with persian spices and grated onions.

Bastani Zaferani – Saffron ice cream seasoned with pistachios.

I have been to Shayan before and I love the Persian food. Here's a link to the detailed post on the food: Shayan Restaurant Review. The restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Photo Credits: Al Shayan Restaurant

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