Saturday, November 17, 2012

Food Review: Chinese Village 2

Before I start the review, I should let you know that Chinese Village 2 is my favourite restaurant in the country. Chinese Village 2 (CV2) is located at the Sea view hotel, minutes away from the Ghubaiba Bus Station. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves Chinese cuisine.

The Lion greets you at the entrance
It is always interesting to visit a restaurant when you have a bunch of guys who are vegetarian and the others non-vegetarian, as you end up ordering dishes for both the groups.

As you settle down on your table, you are greeted with a basic salad. The taste however is not that basic. The salad has a bit of a sour and spicy element to it that makes it interesting and tasty.

Crispy Spinach Chicken
For me it’s a necessity to have the Crispy spinach chicken as a starter when visiting CV2. Its taste took control over me about 5 years ago when I had it for the first time. Crispy spinach chicken is mildly spicy and is served with crispy spinach. Crispy spinach is a bit on the sweeter side giving the dish a balance. For veggies, there is a similar option in veg called crispy spinach vegetables.

Crispy Corn
The second starter we ordered was a vegetarian one. Let me just say Crispy corn makes you fall in love with corn all over again. The taste and the flavour make your taste buds tingle.

Veg. Fried Rice

Shanghai Noodles
Next on was the maincourse. Our order for maincourse was Veg. Fried Rice, Shanghai noodles, Veg. Manchurian and Chicken in Wok. I am a fan of Noodles and prefer it over Rice on any given day. My love for noodles prevailed at CV2 as well. The Shanghai noodles were much better than the veg. fried rice. However this doesn’t mean that the veg. fried rice was not good. It was decent enough but not the best I have had.

Veg. Manchurain

Chicken in Wok
The Veg. Manchurian was crispy and tasted good. The Manchurian is however not the best vegetarian dish CV2 has to offer. It was the first time for me to try Chicken in wok at CV2 and I shall add that I was not disappointed. The vegetables were cooked appropriately and the dish had the required flavour. What added to the experience of the dish was the way it was served. Look at it for yourself in the photo above.

Lychee Punch
I also ordered a Lychee punch to go along with the delicious food, however I was a bit disappointed with it. I have had punches that are so good that you can’t just have one. This wasn’t the case with the Lychee punch though.

Buddha's Statue
Overall the experience at CV2 was a good one. All you need to do is order your dishes and sit behind while you are served the food by the friendly restaurant staff. There are plenty of options in vegetarian food, chicken, beef and fish; it all depends on what you want. The food is good, the service is good and the ambience is good. What else would a customer want?

Bill (for 4):
1 Crispy Spinach Chicken                      AED 55
1 Crispy Corn                                        AED 45
1 Chicken in Wok                                  AED 55
1 Veg. Manchurian                                 Free (Entertainer voucher used)
1 Veg. Fried Rice                                   AED 28
1 Shanghai Noodles                               AED 28
1 Lychee Punch                                    AED 25
1 Water (Large)                                     AED 12
Total                                                    AED 248 (after discount)
All prices are inclusive of 10% Municipality Fees and 10% service Fees

Restaurant          Chinese Village 2
Cuisine               Chinese
Location             7th Floor, Sea View Hotel, Al Mina Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Contact               +971 4 3529954

Emirates NBD Credit Card    10-15% off on Total Bill
Entertainer Coupon                1 main course free on order of 1 main course (only on curries, not valid on noodles and rice)   

Disclamer: All offers are as of the date the blog owner dined in at the restaurant. Any changes made to the offers are not the responsibility of the blog owner. Please check the offers with the restaurant before dine-in or take away.


  1. Guggy! For chicken in wok, it says see photo below. But the photo is actually above. Make that change and everything is good then. :)

  2. Good review Gaganjeet. CV2 sounds good, should visit it sometime given it has many options for vegetarians like me :)

  3. Thank you so much :D. Yes, you should definitely try it. Do let me know how you find it :)

  4. Well written bro. I have been there many times.. and i must say you have summed it up well. Just to mention ...the prawns there are supposed to be best in Dubai.(I am veg ;))

    1. Thank you bro. I had no idea about the Prawns, thanks for the info :). It might help out some non-veg guys who check out the blog.

      Its good to hear that veggies like the restaurant as well :D. Cheers !


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