Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Events: Costa Coffee Barista of the Year

I was recently invited to the Barista of the Year event organized by Costa Coffee at the Marina Walk branch in Dubai. Being my first invite to such an event, I was pretty excited for it. After getting lost for a bit, I managed to reach the branch just about in time.

As I entered the Costa premises, I was guided by cheerful baristas, to the room where the event was to take place. I sat down on my table and was told to order whatever I liked to drink whilst being served with some delicious Costa sandwiches.

The event started with a brief talk on how important the Baristas are and the need to award them for all their hard work.

Before prizes were distributed to the winning Baristas, the Costa Customer Winner was announced. The lucky and loyal Costa customer grabbed herself, a one year supply of Costa Coffee (unfortunately I couldn't grab her name).

Costa Customer Winner

Then began the fun session of distribution of awards, clicking of photographs and loads of smiles and laughter.

The following is the list of the winning Baristas:
- Kasaf Sanillka Perera - Mall Area
- Lasantha Chamara Pigera - Abu Dhabi Airport
- Joan Ilagan - Airport Area
- Feb Casinillo - Office Area
- Lauraine Atatar - Kiosk Area
- Anthony Ofilandra - The Nation's Favourite Barista

The winners were cheerful and happy with what they had managed to achieve. The celebrations continued for a while and I managed to dig into another irresistable Costa sandwich in the mean time. I am pretty sure that the Baristas would have partied hard that night, celebrating their achievements. Where? That I have no idea about ;)  

The winning Baristas

A big thanks to Wendy (from Mcollins Media) and Costa Coffee for the invite. It was a short and fun event with happy faces all around.

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