Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food Review: Max Burger

If I asked you about burger joints in Dubai, I would get answers like Mcdonald's, Burger King, Hardees etc. I guess its time to add another name to that list - Max burger. The relatively new burger joint in town is a well known brand name in its home country Sweden and neighbouring nations (Norway and Denmark).

Serving burgers since 1968
Max claims to have Sweden's tastiest burgers since 1968. This was a good enough reason for me to try it. My order was the Grand Deluxe Spicy Chicken Meal.

Grand Deluxe Spicy Chicken Burger
As I was pretty hungry, without wasting time I started with the burger. The patty used in the burger was crispy and tasted good. I wouldn't rate it as spicy, even though the name says so. Ample amount of fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and a soft bun ensured a quality burger. 

French Fries with Sea Salt
Moving on to the Fries, the fries were crisp and better than many burger joints I have been to. The salt used with the fries at Max burger is Sea salt. The main difference between sea salt and table salt is that depending on the water source, the salt has minerals and elements in it. These minerals add flavour to the salt.

Max Original Dip
Now what is special about Max burger? The answer is their dips. Max burger offers 8 different types of dips from Max Original Dip and Mayonnaise to Sweet Mustard and Green & Garlic. I got the chance to try the Max Original Dip. The dip was good and it was the highlight of the meal for me. I would surely go back to Max to try a few more varieties of their dips.

A Soft Drink to go along
Overall my meal was a satisfying one. A good burger, decent fries and a good soft drink to go along ensured that I did not ask for anything more. Even though Max has entered the UAE market a bit late, I suppose they should do fine given what they have to offer.

Bill (for 1):
1 Grand Deluxe Spicy Chicken Meal    AED 24

Restaurant/Food Outlet   Max Burger
For location, contact details and the menu, please visit: 


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  3. Gangan,

    Because of your recommendation I have tried Max Burger - they opened an outlet in Al Ghurair. Sad to say, a bit of disappointment in my side. Bun was dry like a day old bread and burger was super greasy. I think I can conclude that Swedish are not Burger Eating people if this is the quality they are presenting. Reviews will be in my site soon! - Jerry

    PS- Cannot connect my reply with your blog, not sure why.

    1. Hey Jerry, I am sorry to hear that you experience wasn't good. I hope you did communicate it to the staff. It always helps to inform them so that they can improve. Cheers.